SLASHER MONTH: Gorgasm (1990)

This is a movie that somehow combines rambling dialogues, Xeroxed zines, the kind of music that you’d hear on a pay to play night at Gazzarri’s in 1990, BDSM pornography, slasher movies and the scuzzy black and white detective magazines that would get ink all over your hands, shoots it all on video and lets it get moldy inside the plastic VHS so that it barely plays on your TV, a warped, distorted and fuzzy time capsule of the past that somehow has survived into our digital time.

It pits a man named Chase (Rik Billock, who is from Vandergrift, PA, the same place we regularly attend the Drive-In Monster-Rama; he was also in KnightridersThe Dark Half and is even a zombie in Dawn of the Dead) against a call girl named Tara (adult film actress Gabriela) who promises “the ultimate climax” to the men and women that pay her all of their money to, well, kill them with knives and weedwhips.

Director Hugh Gallagher also made two more movies related to this called Gorotica and Gore Whore. He also shows up in Mail Order Murder: The Story Of W.A.V.E. Productions, a movie that tells the story of the pre-internet company that created damsel in distress and exploitation movies on demand for those that wanted to see attractive women get tied up, menaced and murdered on videotape. Gallagher also published Draculina Magazine and has written Playgore, a book all about the making of this movie.

If you didn’t grow up in the shot on video era, you may be put off by the dingy feelings of this movie, which mostly takes place in the backrooms of video stores. It feels like the days of self-stapling zines, trading cassettes and the ads in the back of Hustler. It’s completely socially and artistically irredeemable,  but even in the lowest levels of culture, sometimes there are moments that can become enjoyable. Or maybe this movie would have run on Videodrome and caused your brain to swell up. Either way, you’ll be somewhat entertained, if you can make it through the cue card reading, bad acting and oh yeah, pretty much a lack of gore in a movie called Gorgasm. Obviously, the title Lots of Breasts and a Bit of Blood and a Weedwhip didn’t fit on the clamshell case.

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