SLASHER MONTH: Slaughterhouse (1987)

Lester Bacon misses the old days of slaughtering food, when you got to do it with your hands. Now everything is automated and the local cops and government want to buy him out for $50,000. He’s pretty much forced to take the deal and has thirty days to get out.

But then again, there is his son Buddy, who is really, really good at slicing up anything in his way.

Of course, the slaughterhouse would be exactly where the sheriff’s daughter would go along with her friends to make a horror movie. Because that’s what teenagers did in 1987, go make shot on video films. They get scared off, but one of the boys bets them $20 — which seems like a small amount of money even 33 years ago — to survive a night back at the Bacon Slaughterhouse.


That said, this is a movie with a killer who grunts throughout the film* and an unexpected ending, so it has that going for it. It also has way more new wave on the soundtrack than you’d expect, seeing as how it has a very rural setting.

This being a late 1980’s rental slasher, you know there’s only one place to get it, right? Vinegar Syndrome. I should really just sign over part of my pay to them every year pre-tax, like I do for healthcare.

*Joe B. Barton, who played Buddy, did a radio tour where he stayed in character the whole time.

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