Sweet Taste of Souls (2020)

Four struggling band members stop at a lonely roadside cafe — blame low blood sugar — to grab some dinner and a slice of pie. However, they soon discover themselves trapped within the diner owner’s art collection and must now fight for their very souls.

Honey Lauren plays Ellinore in this. You may remember her from Vice Academy 5 and 6 or Wives of the Skies, the incredibly interesting film that she wrote and directed last year. She’s the one behind all of this mayhem, running “Elle’s Kountry Kitchen” in the town of Angel Falls, trapping the kids and planning even worse for her.

In fact, every photo in her restaurant contains the living souls of those who have dined there before. But Death itself is coming.

Directed by Terry Ross from a script by F. Scott Mudgett, my favorite part of this movie was the absolutely out there song that started off the film. It’s worth the price of this movie all by itself.

You can learn more on the official website or on the official Facebook page.

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