Alive (2018)

Renamed «Saw: The Beginning» in Russia while having nothing to do with that series of movies, this is the tale of two severely injured people — played by Thomas Cocquerel (Table 19) and Camille Stopps — who wake up to being tied down to an operating table in an abandoned sanitarium with only a deranged caretaker (Angus Macfadyen, who really was in the Saw series) to keep them alive and give them keys to their past.

There was also an alternate soundtrack to this movie made for Slipknot’s Knotfest by band member M Shawn Crahan.

It’s directed by Rob Grant, who made Mon Ami and the documentary Fake Blood that explores him investigating a disturbing movie sent to him after a fan watched that movie.

This is a pretty interesting film that has a twist that I did not see coming at all. It also has a really good look and isn’t strictly torture porn, despite what the Saw connection would lead you to believe.

You can learn more at the official site.

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