Wives of the Skies (2020)

Set in 1965, this movie is all about Fran and Marcy, two Fine Air stewardesses. Derrick is a British photojournalist who wants to interview them for his documentary.

The statement for the film claims that it “makes a contemporary socio-cultural statement regarding the meme of “the good girl, drawn bad.”  Wives of The Skies clarifies the impact of the overarching “men’s gaze” which objectifies women as carnal sex objects men seek, while they look for love…  along the way, addressing the primitive issue of Trust vs. Mistrust, Wives of The Skies displays the Japanese art of Kinbaku.”

Yes — the Japanese BDSM art of tight binding.

It was written and directed by Honey Lauren, who was in Vice Academy 5 and 6 before starting to make her own films. She was inspired by the men who order the 1960’s airline uniforms off of eBay, which sent her on the path of making this film.

Wives of the Skies is the winner of 24 awards, including Best Film at the New York Cinematography Awards and Best Original Screenplay at the Indie X Film Festival.

You can see it at these places and dates:

Pictures up Film Festival: April 3rd – 5th  in Los Angeles, CA

April in Los Angeles, Indie X Film Festival at Raleigh Studio http://indiexfest.com

The New York Cinematography Awards: June 29th at the Dolby Screening Room in NYC for their Golden Eagle Awards: http://newyork.cawards.org

The Canadian CCinematographyAwards: July 4th in the Toronto Screening Room for their Golden Eagle awards, http://newyork.cawards.org

The Geelong International Film Festival: July 17th -21st in Australia https://www.geelonginternationalfilmfestival.com/

American Golden Picture International Film Festival  in Jacksonville FL https://americangoldenpictureiff.com/

New Hope Film Festival: July 23rd – Aug. 2nd in New Hope, PA

DISCLAIMER: I already told you that this movie was sent to us by its PR people. You know that has nothing to do with our feelings on the movie.

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