Classic Euro Horror is on KinoLorber’s KinoNow!

Our friends at Kino Lorber were kind enough to let me know that they have some classic Eurohorror streaming just in time for Halloween.

Kill, Baby…Kill! is a Mario Bava piece of magic, with a ball-bouncing ghost leading people to suicide amidst a swirl of colors and artistic style in the master’s return to gothic horror.    You can get it right here.

Black Sunday is another Bava classic, featuring the eyes of Barbara Steele and enough fog and atmosphere for ten movies. If you’ve never seen Bava before, this is a great place to start. It’s available here.
Fascination is some Jean Rollin to add even more doom mood to your October. Starring French adult star Brigitte Lahaie, this is kind of, sort of a vampire film, but totally engaging and otherworldly. It’s available here.
More Rollin? Well, speaking of doom cinema, The Iron Rose starts as a romantic romp in a graveyard and ends as anything but. It’s available here.

Jess Franco and Lina Romay made plenty of movies together, but Female Vampire is one of the better ones. Here, Lina is Countess Irina Karlstein, a bloodsucker who only feasts at the point of orgasm. You can get it here.

Want more Franco? The Awful Dr. Orlof starts like a Hammer film and ends up being total Franco, which is…well, an acquired taste that I often find myself dining upon. It’s also on their site.

Check out all of Kino Lorber’s horror selections right here! There’s so much there, like A Virgin Among the Living DeadDie Screaming MarianneFrightmareHatchet for the HoneymoonThe Living Dead GirlThe Grapes of DeathThe ComebackHouse of Whipcord and Zombie Lake, among others.

They also have all of these movies available on DVD and blu ray, if you’d rather have physical media. Here’s hoping they make your Halloween more interesting and artistic!

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