Song Lang (2018)

I always make the remark that we often get films that don’t fit into our normal genre, but you know, more and more, we’re expanding what we watch here.

Song Lang is a combination of an underworld and romantic story, set in 1980’s Saigon. It’s all about the friendship between the brutal debt collector Dung (Lien Binh Phat) and opera singer Linh Phung (V-pop star from 365daband, Isaac), whose struggling company performs Cai-Luong, a modern form of traditional Vietnamese folk opera.

Dung comes to collect the debts of the opera company, yet both men soon find that there may be more than just a friendship growing between them. This is an unexpected film that is written and directed by Leon Le. It premiered on the 100th year anniversary of Cai Luong performance arts, which is a form I had never heard of nor seen before this movie.

A tragic romance about two men set against the backdrop of Asian opera? And they say all we care about is Lucio Fulci movies.

Song Land is ready for a virtual theatrical release October 9 and will also show at Laemmle theaters ahead of an on demand and DVD release November 11.

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