Monster Force Zero (2020)

While attending a comic con to hype up his comic book Monster Force Zero, Calvin “A.I.” Cashill (Adam Singer, Jurassic Dead) and his cosplaying friends have entered a battle against the evil Destroyers of Destruction cosplay team, but ancient aliens are about to send these wanna-be superheroes on the adventure of their dreams.

Two of the stars of this film have big fandoms who will be ready to seek this out. Garrett Wang, who plays himself here, is familiar to science fiction fans as Ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager.

The character named The Janitor is played by Pat Tanaka, whose wrestling career has taken him all over the world, including stints in the AWA where he and Paul Diamond were Badd Company, taking that team to the WWE as the Orient Express. He’s also wrestled in WCW (he was El Gato), FMW and New Japan where he was called Goku-Do.

With heroes and villains named Gunns Lazer, Kadabra Couture, Final Boss, Quiplash, Hot-Babe, Squatch (yes, a real sasquatch), Wimpy Vader, Furrious and Ammorama, this film definitely has a fun comic book feel that has its heart in the 80’s. You have to love a mad scientist that is guarded by both a Bigfoot and an evil dinosaur, right?

With a feel that’s part Galaxy Quest and even more The Last Starfighter, this is a feel-good superheroic film that is all about entertaining you. I’d love to see the sequel that the ending seems to promise. And this feels perfect for a tie-in comic, video game and lien of action figures, too!

This is the kind of crazy adventures that comic geeks would draw in class while they should have been paying attention to their teacher. That’s high praise.

You can learn more about Monster Force Zero on the film’s official website and official Facebook page. This film is being distributed by Wild Eye, so look for it on your favorite streaming platform.

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