Get ready for the Drive-In Super Monster Rama!

Tomorrow night at the Riverside Drive-In, the Drive-In Super Monster Rama plays for two awesome nights! For just $20 ($10 a night), you get eight astounding movies! Here’s a breakdown (and how to see them if you’re unable to attend) as well as a drink recipe for each night!


Brides of BloodThat poster should show you what you’re in for as you enter Blood Island. Between carnivorous trees eating women and the movie ending in a huge orgy, this is probably unlike any other movie you’ve seen before. And you’re about to see three more just like it. This was streaming on Amazon Prime, but sadly, no longer. Hope you have the Severin blu ray!

The Mad Doctor of Blood Island:This movie starts with a blood oath and a drink of a green vial that is to save you from becoming one of the horrible beasts of Blood Island. Luckily, our mixed drink below is ready to save you. If you can’t make it to the Riverside, this alternate title cut can help (or you should already own the Severin blu ray).

Beast of BloodA monster that can live without its head? Yes, these are the magic moments that Blood Island has for you. This movie was sold by scattering counterfeit $10 bills with the movie poster on the back. Yes, really. Sadly, this was only on the Severin Blood Island set and is no longer streaming.

Terror Is a ManYes, Blood Island is somewhat adjacent to The Island of Dr. Moreau. Somehow, it’s even better than that, with man/animal hybrids driven wild by their cruel master. You can watch the alternate title cut of this movie or buy it on blu ray from Severin.

Here’s our drink for Friday night!

Blood Island Swampwater

  • 2 oz. pineapple juice
  • 2 oz. orange juice
  • 1 oz. cherry vodka
  • 1 oz. blue caracao
  1. Mix ’em all together one at a time and marvel at the way the colors shift and change!
  2. Stir and drink! Now you’re safe — well, as safe as it gets — to walk freely around Blood Island (or at least Vandergrift, PA).


King Kong vs. GodzillaIf there was ever a battle that was fated to happen, it was this, a movie that completely owned my childhood. Somehow, Toho was able to improve on King Kong by making it completely bonkers and I thank whatever beings exist beyond this plane for it! Sadly, this movie is not streaming.

King Kong EscapesHonestly, this is my favorite Kong movie and one of my favorite movies ever. I would stay up until 1 AM as a six-year-old for this movie and scream the entire time. If you’re at the Riverside, you’ll probably hear me shouting in glee the entire time. This isn’t streaming either.

The Legend of Boggy CreekThe newly cleaned up version of this Bigfoot classic was due to play in April before COID-19 shut down the drive-in. Well, we’ll be wearing our masks and ready to delight in this reality-esque affair! You can watch this on Shudder.

The Brain That Would Not Die: This was a movie on all the time when I was a kid and with good reason. It’s ridiculous in all the best of ways, with an amazing performance by Virginia Leith. You can watch it on Tubi.

To celebrate the second night, we’re drinking King Kong style.

That’s right — the Jim Beam King Kong cocktail!

If you’re coming to the drive-in, make sure to say hello. I’ll be rocking a Severin hoodie — of course — and either a Frizzi/Fulci shirt or a Tenebre one! Bring a mask, grab a blanket and ask for a drink — I’ll have extras!

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