Beast of Blood (1970)

All good things must come to an end. This is the final of the Blood Island films — which also included The Mad Doctor of Blood Island, Terror Is a Man and Brides of Blood — and also the last movie that Eddie Romero would make for Hemisphere Pictures.

As Dr. Bill Foster (John Ashley) Sheila Willard, her father and Carlos Lopez escape from Blood Island, this movie’s Beast gets on board and goes buck wild, killing everyone he can and blowing up the ship. He survives and heads back to the jungle while Dr. Foster spends months recovering. Everyone he knew or loved is now dead.

Of course, he’s going back to Blood Island.

Dr. Lorca (Eddie Garcia), who apparently died at the end of the last movie, is still alive but horribly scarred. He controls the beast, which can live without its head. It can even talk and control its own body from afar.

This is less of a narrative movie for me and more a collection of magical images, as bodies squirt blood and beasts have swampy faces and make strange noises while their heads rot inside beakers and lab equipment.

To promote this one — which played a double bill with Curse of the Vampires, the producers printed counterfeit 10 bills printed that folded in half, with the other side revealing a poster for the film. Those fake sawbucks were scattered all around the neighborhoods where this movie played.

Severin released this — it’s sadly out of print — and also put out a swizzle stick with the Beast on it. You should totally order it right now!

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