Cellat (1975)

The joy of Turkish cinema is that it allows you to relive movies that you already enjoyed, like Death Wish. And, well, Death Wish 2.

Orhan — the Turkish Paul Kersey — and his wife Filiz, along with his sister Sevgi and her boyfriend Jahit, have just come back to Istanbul from an escape to the country. Moments after that peaceful time ends, some drugged-up bad guys assault the women, killing Filiz and leacing Sevgi in a coma, much like Paul’s daughter Carol in the original. The police won’t be able to help outside of taking statements. Now, it’s up to Orhan to get the revenge that no one else will for him.

Director Memduh Ün may have been inspired by Michael Winner, but like all the best cover songs, he realizes that he has to put his own touch on the material. Serdar Gökhan seems more like an everyman than Charles Bronson. When Bronson’s Kersey pukes after his first night of being a vigilante, we’ve associated death and destruction so much with the actor that we realize he’s going to get over it. We want him to embrace the angel of death. Instead, we see Serdar’s take slowly descend from a man willing to attend to an injured dog in the midst of his vacation to someone willing to toss a man to his death. Somehow, this movie remakes the original and premakes the sequel, all with probably a tength of the budget.

You can watch this on YouTube.

One thought on “Cellat (1975)

  1. I was indeed very much impressed with the techniques of making Turkish movies interesting in capturing the attention and at times the emotions of the viewer! I wish that Cairo movies gurus would learn from Turkish technician to minimize the overly cosmetic make-ups that are sometimes so grotesque (i.e. Sohair Remzi, Najla Fethi,etc., etc., and many other actresses whose cosmetics application is overly done and is at times so nauseous versus the Turkish actresses who appear with their natural beauty with little use of make-ups!)

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