Çöl (1983)

While this movie is known by many as the Turkish Jaws, it really has nothing to do with that movie other than a shark attack — and of course, the ripped off theme song — near the end of the movie.

If this movie is about the ocean, why is it called Desert? That’s because the title was supposed to be The Blue Desert, but the printer making the posters coudn’t understand how a desert could be blue, so he just cut the title to Çöl. The filmmakers couldn’t afford to print more, so that’s how we got here.

Çetin Inanc directs Cunyet Arkin again in this film that has him playing a supercop and Emel Tümer being as gorgeous as she always is. However, there is some betrayal in this one that makes this more a tragedy than most of Arkin’s films.

If you’re looking for ripped off music, good news. The theme from Psycho? It’s in here. Songs from Enter the Dragon? Yeah. How about a flute cover of Whole Lotta Love that plays over and over, only to be interrupted by just as many repeat plays of Eye of the Tiger? You know you want it.

I’ve never been let down by any movie that Arkin has been in. He’s like the film analogue of grain alcohol. It’s not fancy, but you’re guaranteed to get black out drunk.

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