The Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969)

Ten years after we first got to Blood Island, we’re back. Eddie Romero and Gerardo de Leon are back in the directing chair and this time, they’ve brought even more blood, beasts and boobs than they did in their last effort, Brides of Blood.

This film was syndicated to TV as Tomb of the Living Dead and is also known as The Mad Doctor of Crimson Island, because in some states like Rhode Island, the word blood wasn’t allowed to be used when advertising a movie.

After Brides of Blood, John Ashley discovered that the film was so well-received that distributors asked him to make more. He moved to the Philippines and got to work.

The film starts with an initiation, as at some theaters, you were given a packet of green liquid and asked to recite the oath of green blood so that you could watch the unnatural green-blooded ones without fear of contamination. Years later, Sam Sherman said that he came up with this idea and when he drank one of the packets, he got incredibly sick. The film’s other gimmick is to rapidly zoom in and out, like Fulci on speed, any time a monster shows up. That was to cover the bad special effects, but it made plenty of theatergoers sick. Man — bad green liquid and frequent pans and zooms. It’s as if they wanted kids to puke!

A woman runs naked through a jungle before a green-skinned monster kills her. Yes, that’s how you start a movie!

Then we meet our heroes, like pathologist Dr. Bill Foster (Ashley), Sheila Willard (Angelique Pettyjohn, who was famously in the Star Trek episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion” as well as early 80’s hardcore films like Titillation, Stalag 69 and Body Talk) and Carlos Lopez (Ronaldo Valdez, who would become the first Filipino Kentuck Fried Chicken Colonel).

The captain of the ship that got them there tells them how the island is cursed and how its people bleed green blood. Everything falls apart — Sheila’s dad, who she hoped to take home, is now a drunk. And Carlos’ mother refuses to leave, even after the mysterious death of her husband.

It turns out that Dr. Lorca has been experimenting on the natives, who just want to be healthy. Instead, they’re getting turned into green beasts that murder everything they can. Look out everyone! I hope you’ve drank your green blood before this all began!

Angelique Pettyjohn claimed that the love scene with John Ashley was not simulated. Well, seeing as how Severin finally found the uncut film and I haven’t seen any penetration, I think she’s full of it. But who am I to doubt her?

To make this even better, the American trailer of this is narrated by Brother Theodore!

You can get this from Severin.

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