Intikam Melegi/Kadin Hamlet (1976)

The Angel of Vengeance/The Female Hamlet somehow takes Shakespeare, inverts the gender and was made by film historian Metin Erksan, who directed the movie known as the Turkish ExorcistŞeytan.

Buck Henry selected this to play at the Los Angeles Filmex Film Festival. Instead of taking place inside the royal palace of Elsinore, this Hamlet takes place at a beach. Bet you thought Strange Brew was going to be the weirdest take on this story you’d ever see, huh?

Fatma Girik (Ölüm Peşimizde or Death is Chasing Us) plays the lead and you’ll notice that she has some amazing fashions in this film, like the flowing skull pattern covered gown she sports. Beyond the disco music blaring (Silver Convention’s “Fly Robin Fly” gets lots of play) and the aforementioned astounding clothes, this movie seems to sport a debt to Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion. Just take a look at the poster and tell me if I’m crazy.

If you ever wanted to get more into the works of the Bard, but wanted lots of blood and to only watch 86 minutes of crazy colored 70’s foreign action instead of sitting in a park and watching thespians emote, this is exactly what you’e looking for, even if you never knew that it existed.

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