Kara Simsek (1985)

As you may know by now, I love the Rocky films. And after this week, you may not understand, but know my love for Turkish cinema. Now someone got pizza sauce in my Kuzu Tandır with this combo plate, written and directed by the always dependable Çetin Inanç and starring Serdar Kebapçilar. The two would also make Korkusuz (Rampage), which is the second ripoff of Rambo: First Blood Part II that Inanç would direct.

Translated as Black Lightning, this movie tells the tale of the Serdar, who must step into the shoes of his brother Baba, who has been killed in the ring by an Italian boxer. He also struggles to connect with his father Osman, who has been working in Germany for fifteen years, but really just cheating, drinking and living it up while his wife and children struggle in the slums.

If you wonder, why is this called Black Lightning, well the answer — thanks to Neon Harbor — is that the title was the name of the TV series Knight Rider when it played on Turkish television. If that level of copyright infringement gives you pause, perhaps you would do best not knowing that the themes from both Rocky and Love Story are used with no royalties paid.

This is the most normal of all the Inanç films I’ve watched. That doesn’t make it bad, but just don’t expect zombies to show up out of nowhere.

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