Seytan (1974)

Oh man, you Turkish maniacs. You aren’t content to just make your own slightly different version of The Exorcist like, well, any of the movies on our list of Ten Possession Movies That Aren’t The Exorcist. No, you’re going to pretty much remake the movie scene for scene and have “Tubular Bells” in just about every single scene. Bravo!

12-year-old girl Gul is living a high society life with her mother in Istanbul, yet becomes possessed after messing around with an Ouija board. Did she learn nothing from The Chill FactorSpookies, all of the Ouija movies and, well, The Exorcist?

“This is literally the same movie,” said my wife, Becca.

“Shot for shot,” was my answer. “Just with fewer people and no budget.”

99% of Turkey’s population is Muslim and it has a history of being Islamic. One wonders how the Catholicism of the original would have played there. Perhaps that’s why we have this grainy little remake. I kind of love its slavish devotion to the source material, like a Sweded movie before anyone knew what that was.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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