Tarkan: Altin Madalyon (1973)

The fourth of five Tarkan films — based on the comic book barbarian created by Turkish cartoonist Sezgin Burak — this is a great place for anyone to enter the world of Turkish psychotronic cinema.

Tarkan was orphaned by Iranian nomads and raised by wild grey wolves. He travels with Kurt, a wolf, as he adventures in the service of Attila the Hun. Think of him pretty much as Conan and you can enjoy this film.

Tarkan goes up against a witch named Gosha who is revived by the blood of a dancer and a nun before using her evil powers to mesmerize our hero. She’s played by Sweden-born Eva Bender, recreating her role from 1970’s Tarkan and the Silver Saddle. She’s also in the Turkish version of The Strange Vice of Mrs. WardhThirsty for Love, Sex and Murder.

Can Tarkan save Attila’s son? Can he resist the charms of Gosha? Will anyone realize that his wolf is really a German Shepherd? Who cares! Just relax, turn off your mind and enjoy this on YouTube.

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