Vahsi Kan (1983)

The team of Çetin Inanç and Cüneyt Arkin create movies that make my head hurt so badly in the best of ways. Wild Blood, known by some as Turkish Rambo, is a movie that will own you. Buckle up, get your motion sickness pills and leave your ideas of what makes a good or bad movie behind — we’re going to Turkey.

Arkin plays Riza, a man who gets harassed as soon as he gets to town. He kicks their asses so badly that the army has to get involved. They were sent by a deformed man who blames our hero, but other than that, nearly every single scene and much of the dialogue of this movie comes straight out of Stallone’s second and more populist take on John Rambo.

It also isn’t afraid to outright steal the soundtrack of that movie either.

Unlike Rambo’s films, this movie also begins with an army of zombies menacing Emel Tümer, pawing at her in a scene that feels like it came from another movie, which is pretty much a compliment in this world. Except they aren’t zombies, but you could totally be excused if you wondered if they were. She responds by stabbing the leader of the gang with a tree branch and running away.

This is followed by the gang attacking Riza and him basically jumping off a cliff and surviving because, well, he’s Cüneyt Arkin. He lives in a cave and rescues the girl, but the wheelchair bad guy and a gangster blow it up and she dies, so our hero decides to kill everyone and everything and everybody.

You know when you would see a movie as a kid and then draw your own versions of it? Imagine if the paper you were drawing it on was coated with LSD and you have an idea of just how jaw-droppingly audacious this movie gets.

Inanç liked Rambo: First Blood Part II so much that he made it twice, following this movie with 1986’s Korkusuz (Rampage), starring bodybuilder Serdar Kebapçılar.

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