Creature Cabin (2017)

This was originally called Tarnation, which may be a better title. That said, I really dug Oscar’s (Daisy Masterman, MurderDrome) story, as she must get over the loss of her man, her job and her cat by going to a cabin in the, well, woods to work out her life. Too bad there’s a demon unique out in them woods who needs her blood to bring Satan himself to Earth. Yeah, I wrote that.

Daniel Armstrong also made Fight Like a GirlSheBorg and Nova Star, all films that tick the many boxes — pro wrestling, pretty girls, blood, ridiculousness — that are what we look for around here. For more films from the director, check out Strong Arm Studio.

If you love Evil Dead half as much as these guys, you should check it out, if only for the fact that there’s also a demonic kangaroo and sex so hot that it melts through the carpet. I’ve never seen either of those things before.

There’s also a rap battle with the hordes of Hell, band practice and lots and lots of blood. I mean, a lot.

While the poster for the new title is nice, check out this old one and tell me, don’t you want to see a movie with art like this? It’s goofy fun and you could do worse with your time.

This has been released on DVD and on demand from the fine folks at Wild Eye. They even sent us a DVD, which was pretty nice and hey, the quality of their plastic cases is pretty solid, which is more than I can say for most modern releases.

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