Kilink: Soy Ve Öldür (1967)

Killing — or Kilink — is the star of an Italian photo comic who was created in 1966 in the wake of the popularity of Diabolik. He’s a ruthless criminal who wears a skeletal suit — designed by Carlo Rambaldi! — and he kills other crooks for their stolen goods and can imitate anyone. If you ever see the covers to his comics, he’s often killing half-naked women.

Translating as Kilink: Strip and Kill, this is the third in a very long series of these films and it puts our protagonist into a Yojimbo situation as he plays two gangs against one another. If you saw the last movie — Kilink Uçan Adama Karsi (Kilink vs. Flying Man) — our bad man fell off a building and died, but here he’s back on his feet and doing perfectly fine moments later. How does he do it? He just laughs, stands up and walks it off.

This feels very Eurospy, except I’ve never seen a spy hero just shove a woman off a balcony before. Beyond fighting Superman, Mandrake and Django, the skull masked one would also battle Frankenstein’s Monster. Truly, a man for all seasons.

You can watch this on YouTube.


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