Sihirbazlar Krali Mandrake Killing’in Pesinde (1967)

Of all the people Kilink — Killing to his friends — has met, Mandrake the Magician seems to be the strangest. That’s saying something, as he also encountered the Frankenstein Monster and Django, so either he has a time machine or some really good drugs.

Also known as Kilink vs. Mandrake, this is a 55-minute journey into Turkish copyright flouting, as not only is Lee Falk’s stolen, but so is its titular anti-hero. Stranger still is that this is the only Mandrake theatrical film, although he did appear in a 1939 movie serial, a 1954 TV pilot, a 1979 TV movie (that I watched every single time that it was on) and appearances in the 1986-87 cartoon Defenders of the Earth. Fellini wanted to make a movie of the character and there was nearly a 1980’s film that obviously never happened.

This being Turkey in 1967, Mandrake’s assistant Lothar is played by someone in blackface. Just be ready if that upsets you.

Kilink has goons that have big K’s cut into their faces and he wants a princess for her jewelry — and one assumes to launch her out a window to her death because that’s how he rolls — while Mandrake wants to save her life.

If you like the James Bond theme — and who doesn’t — good news! It shows up all over this movie, because if you’re going to steal everything, why stop at just the two main characters?

You can find this rare movie on YouTube. There’s also a copy at the Internet Archive. Enjoy!

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