From Parts Unknown (2014)

Charlie watched her pro wrestler dad die in the ring, was raised by wrestlers and is now in the middle of an end of the world zombie extinction level event. From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl! is that kinda movie.

This movie is based on director Daniel Armstrong’s (MurderDrome) time in the video game industry, specifically a failed wrestling game project. There are a lot of shout outs to Evil Dead 2 in here, as this film aspires beyond its small budget to be an Australian Shaun of the Dead, except, you know, with pro wrestlers.

While originally shot in 2006 and 2007, the film sat on the shelf until Armstrong’s later work got known. Over the following years, attempts to finish the movie were made. At one point, the director’s car was destroyed by a drunk off-duty police officer and the insurance money was just enough to allow shooting to continue. Finally, in 2014, after the success of MurderDrome, shooting and editing were both finally finished.

This is a movie that’s not afraid to be beyond goofy and silly. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a fun take on the genre and most of the cast trained to be actual wrestlers, which is pretty cool. There’s plenty of gore and one scene that legitimately made me laugh when the zombie personal assistant kept trying to find the exact right pose and had to keep pulling her body into position.

Check it out for yourself on Amazon Prime.

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