The Dracula Dynasty (1990)

Alfredo B. Crevenna was born in Germany, but would find his way to Mexico, where he directed tons of movies between 1945 and 1995. Seriously, the guy has a catalog that rivals people like Jess Franco. Of date, I’ve seen his film The Fury of the Karate Experts, which pits Santo against, well, karate experts, as well as his movies The Whip Against SatanSanto vs. the Martian InvasionPlanet of the Female Invaders and Adventure at the Center of the Earth.

Here, he tells the story of Duke Antonio de Orloff, who starts the film as a dog before Holy Water is thrown on him. He’s led through the streets by a priest, who then stakes him and buries him. Luckily for our vampire — and this movie — he’s rescued 300 years later by Madame Kostoff (Erika Carlsson, The Devil’s Rain!DemonoidMuerte Infernal), who attempts to take the land that he is buried on.

If you can imagine a Hammer film made in 1980 in Mexico, then you understand the movie that is The Dracula Dynasty. Also, these vampires have a healthy command of the occult arts, having given their souls over to Satan. Oh yeah — in addition to wanting to bring back Orloff, Kostoff has brought Dracula himself — using the name Baron Von Helsing! — to town to drink all the victims that he’d like.

The main reason why I sought this out was that some sources list the male lead as Fabian. However, it’s not Fabian Forte, but Mexican actor Fabian Aranza. The idea that crooner Fabian was battling South of the Border blooddrinkers is way too much for my mind to bear.

As Dracula and Kostoff attempt to bring Orloff back to the land of the living on Walpurgis Night — paging Paul Naschy! — Mexican Fabian and a priest suddenly decide to turn the last part of this movie into The Exorcist.

God bless Eagle Video, whose pendant logo fills the screen. It appears that you only released the best in junk.

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