Genevieve (2020)

Nicholas Michael Jacobs is a young man who sends us movies every once in a while, like NightUrban Fears and Tales from Six Feet Under.

Genevieve is a spin-off of that last film. In this five-minute-long story, Ted Morris is attending his son’s funeral while two criminals are breaking into his home. Those criminals want one thing: the infamous — and potentially saleable — killer doll, Genevieve. Of course, things don’t go well.

Nicholas does a lot right — he has an IMDB page for the movie, he sends out numerous links for reviews and keeps pushing. Sooner or later, he’s going to make a movie that isn’t shot in POV and has people swearing to themselves for the entire running time. Again, this is not that time, but I also know that next year, I’ll have another film from him that will look better than this one.

For example, the credits look great on this one. So does the poster. It’s another step forward.

You can watch the movie here:

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