Night (2019)

Director, actor and writer Nicholas Michael Jacobs sent me his latest film via email, which goes live on Amazon Prime Video on March 23. Night is all about a crazed man who kidnaps women and broadcasts himself torturing and murdering them for an audience of paying viewers online.

The movie starts with three minutes of the main character, Adam Audrey, getting ready. You can barely see him and everything is in shadow. That’s followed by nearly five minutes of him following a girl and kidnapping her before the opening credits.

What follows is forty-five some odd moments of Adam taking phone calls telling him not to do this any longer, going live several times as he berates his viewers for not being creative and then taking money from them to do horrible things to the girl, then the girl talking to him in an attempt to try and reach him before they go live again.

Basically, if you want to see a guy tie a girl up to a chair, slice her with a knife and call her a bitch for nearly an hour, then Night would probably be for you. I was hoping that its long single shots would be leading up to something more. As indefensible as most people find Maniac and The New York Ripper, there are moments that aspire to art. There’s little to none of this here.

That said if you want to hear someone say, “Anybody else out there? Any more requests?” ad nauseum while a locked off shot of a girl bleeding in a chair runs, then by all means, when this comes out in a few days, you’ll have something to watch.

Even the credits take forever — over five minutes of a slow crawl — with only four people acting in the film and Nicholas Michael Jacobs name up there several times.

I get what this movie was going for, but at no moment does it hold any surprises or say anything different. I gave it the time it needed to do so and even the end isn’t so much of a twist as much of a “when are they going to get to that” moment. I hate being negative about a film, as it takes time, effort and energy to create one and I applaud everyone that worked on this for doing so.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its director, but that doesn’t impact our review.

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