Stray Cat Rock: Beat ’71 (1971)

Toshiya Fujita comes back to finish off the Stray Cat Rock series with one last tale. In this one, Meiko Kaji also returns to play Furiko, a girl in love with Ryumei. They want to live together as hippies, but his politician father Mayor Araki wants him to be a businessman. So he does what any dad would do: have a gang of bikers abduct his son. However, Ryumei kills one of them in self-defense and Meiko ends up being blamed for the crime. What’s a girl to do?

Furiko escapes prison whole her hippy friends stage all manner of scandalous behavior for the press while the boss Piranha plays spaghetti western music. It’s all for money, which seems alien to the hippy ideal, but what do I know? So does holding them up for more money.

The gang argues about Furiko killing the man and realize that it was all for her man’s sake. She took the fall while he returned home. As soon as she busts out, she goes to find him. But now he’s gone straight and his family kidnaps her.

So that means that the gang of hippies leave Shinjuku and bicycle up to the countryside to save Furiko. The trailer those hippies live in is pretty happening and they mostly pose on top of it and show off for reporters who come by.

I mean, they had nothing better to do after Nekuro had sex with a jackhammer and died of an orgasm induced heart attack. What is going on with this installment of Stray Cat Rock!?!

If you can guess that Ryumei’s father runs the town and that even if he loves Furiko that everything is going to end badly, you’ve been watching the Stray Cat Rock series. I did love the sacrifice that Piranha makes at the end so that his gang can live, though.

After this movie. Meiko Kaji moved to the Toei studio and started work on the Female Convict 701 Scorpion series. It’s just as well as she’s an afterthought in this movie and deserved way better.

Should you watch the Stray Cat Rock series? How do you feel about motorcycles and random music numbers? Enjoy 1970’s fashion? Want to get to know people only to have them killed by the end? Then by all means, it’s time to get into them.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime or get the entire Arrow Video box set.

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