Tales From Six Feet Under (2020)

Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the director of Night and Urban Fears is back, this time with an anthology film that follows a character named The Visitor through a graveyard as he tells the story of how three people died.

This time, he has a $1,500 budget, which is about $500 more than last time. Let’s get into it.

As you may have guessed from Nicholas’ films, he loves extended sequences where people do menial tasks while swearing and being stalked. This movie opens with another of those and at this point, three movies in, I’m actually excited when these things happen.

He’s also gone a bit meta here, as long stretches of the film have him wondering exactly what movie he should make. Perhaps these are the kinds of discussions that should be thought of before the movie is made. I mean, I’m nineteen minutes in and the movie has mostly been an autobiographical story of Nicholas cleaning his basement and dealing with the unknown while trying to make a movie.

That said — his movies do get better each time. They still aren’t any good, but there’s forward progress.

This movie is up on Amazon Prime today, so if you have any interest in seeing it, go for it. I can only imagine how people that have never seen one of Nicholas’ films before will react.

DISCLAIMER: Nicholas sent this to us himself, so you have to appreciate that he’s a go-getter.

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