Trampa Infernal (1989)

There’s a reason why Mexican late 80’s horror movies have an edge in my heart. It’s because they’re willing to make you a combo platter of all your favorites. Instead of just giving you Friday the 13th, they say, “What if we gave you a little Rambo: First Blood Part II, threw in some The Final Terror and then gave the bad guy Freddy’s glove and a crazy mask?”

Pedro Galindo III, yes, the same lunatic who made Vacaciones de Terror 2, was behind this movie and he brought its star, Pedro Fernandez, with him. What starts as several teens out to kill a bear — and if you’re asking why, you’re thinking too hard about this movie — ends with a battle for survival against a near-unstoppable menace.

I’ll tell you why. Nacho (Fernandez) and Maurico have had a paintball playing rivalry for some time, so killing a bear feels like the natural conclusion. They bring their friends along but no one told them that these are Jesse’s woods.

Yes, Jesse, the Vietnam vet who hides behind a porcleain mask, who isn’t afraid to fight back with machine guns, tear gas, grenades and when all else fails, a gloved with knived fingers, as if he were a South of the Border Springwood Slasher.

This movie is so 80’s slasher that despite an old townie warning them to stay away, the girls still dance around in swimsuits and the chubby friend still acts the fool and still everyone is positively shocked that bear killing transforms into near ritual sacrifice.

The kids never find that bear. They do, however, find death. Lots and lots of pure death, delivered by a killing machine that keeps going even after you rip his hand clean off. The end of this movie got me so excited, I thought that I was on a coke binge. It’s that kind of manic energy and zeal that only comes from these kind of Mexican VHS masterworks.

This is 77 minutes long. Literally all killer, no filler. Other countries should take note.

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