Night of 1000 Cats (1972)

La Noche de Los Mil Gatos — known as Blood Feast, despite there being an entirely different movie with that same title — comes from Rene Cardona Jr., who past films have already proven to me must be some kind of maniac. I mean, the dude threw cats at his actors and filmed scenes where cats are launched into the air with no cutting away. He did much worse to birds and other actors in later films, which makes him, well, a movie director.

Luckily, he has Hugo Stiglitz (Nightmare CityBermuda Triangle) in this to play, well, Hugo. And what does Hugo do? Oh, just chase down gorgeous women with his helicopter, pick them up with his sexual charisma and then take him back to his castle where he and Dorgo kill them in increasingly disgusting ways before feeding. them to the cats — rumor there are a thousand of them — that live in a pit. He also keeps the women’s heads like pickled punks in a jar.

Finally, he picks the wrong girl — Cathy (Anjanette Comer, who we all know was in The Baby and that makes anything she does perfect and good and wonderful) — who tears a hole in the fence and lets the cats savor a Hugo smorgasbord. Such is life, where it is cheap!

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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