Brutes and Savages (1978)

The difference between a mondo and the kind of movie that a school teacher would make you watch is that these movies may seem like they want to educate you, but they really want to brutalize you with “1,001 forbidden scenes” and blast you with “fantastic brute sound.”

What else do you expect from Aquarius Releasing, which also put out Faces of Death (perhaps the most viewed mondo of the VHS generation), Evils of the NightSilent Night Deadly NightRaw Force and so many others, as well as the American releases of The BeyondCannibal FeroxBeyond the Darkness and Dr. Butcher M.D.

Riz Ortolani music? Check. Animal sacrifices? You know it. Mating rituals? We got that. Brain surgery? Yes. Brain surgery.

This is a movie that does not know the difference between alligators and crocodiles. Also, much like Faces of Death, much of this movie is reenacted to the point that it becomes laughable.

You can get this from Synapse.

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