Los Campeones Justicieros (1971)

Blue Demon! Mil Mascaras! El Medico Asesino! La Sombra Vengadora! Tinieblas! Sure, Santo isn’t around, but the rest of these guys are! And they’re here to battle the evil Dr. Marius Zarkoff, who is better known as Mano Negra, the Black Hand! He’s played by David Silva, who also shows up in El Topo and Alucarda, somehow uniting every part of the Ven Diagram that makes up this site.

Also: the evil doctor has an army of little people and he isn’t afraid to use them.

This movie is like a Stefon sketch. It has it all: miniature assassins in a station wagon, double agent girlfriends, masked wrestlers fighting evil SCUBA divers, kidnapped girls stuffed into wooden crates, pills that make you invisible, little people bursting into flames, beauty contest winners and goddaughters being taken by the evil Black Hand and finally, a machine that makes tiny folks into super strong.

Even without Santo, this movie loses nothing. It is everything that every other movie should aspire to be. If only Julia Roberts would throw on a mask and battle cute lil’ ninjas from a speedboat!

NOTE: I love that I already reviewed this under its U.S. title. So nice I reviewed it twice!

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