Recruits (1986)

Mayor Bagley learns that the governor is coming to his town of Clam Cove  to announce that they’re getting a freeway. To make sure nothing goes wrong, he demands that Police Chief McGruder (Mike McDonald, who was also in Oddballs and Screwballs II) add more people to the police force. That means that anyone can be a cop. And before you can ask, “Isn’t this almost the same movie as Police Academy?” I’m ready to answer that this is a Canadian tax shelter movie made in Ottawa’s Wasaga Beach, just like Fireballs, which was filmed at the same time.

If you want to win a trivia contest — actually I don’t know who would ask this question — this would be Lolita Davidovich’s third movie. It’s also the first movie for Jon Mikl Thor, who would make Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare the very next year.

Director Rafal Zielinski would also make two Screwballs movies, as well as State Park, which you know that I’ve watched several times. He also made Spellcaster, which has Adam Ant, DJ Richard Blade and Traci Lind from Fright Night Part 2. You better believe I’m hunting that movie down as you read this.

The writer behind this is Charlie Wiener, who wrote and directed a bogus ’80s SOV horror that’s actually a Canadian TV movie called Blue Murder, and a martial arts movie Dragon Hunt, in addition to writing Screwball Hotel, so let me assure you — his scumbag skills are in full effect here. And don’t confuse the Hotel one with Screwball Academy.

Recruits comes and goes from You Tube — here’s the latest age-restricted sign-in upload.

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