Screwball Academy (1986)

Also known as Loose Ends, this is an attempt to use the name of the Screwballs franchise — such as it is — while using Coleen Camp from Police Academy and Police Academy 4 to somehow try and make a new series, because this movie has nothing to do with Screwballs other than the knowledge that both movies are Canadian exploitation tax shelter films.

Camp plays Liberty Jean, who has moved to Wagatno Beach — really Canadian sex movie location Wasaga Beach — to make a movie called Say Cheese all about the way women are treated in the world. Of course, it’s also the kind of movie I’d watch, so the local religious group the Church of the Divine Light and their leader Bishop Wally (Damian Lee, the director of Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe) decides to start a holy war.

Directing this whole mess is John Blanchard, who was the director of many episodes of SCTV and The Kids In the Hall, so he should know funny.

That said, it is on YouTube, so if you want to endure it like I did.

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