James Tont operazione U.N.O. (1965)

Tont means dumb in Italian and this was amongst the first spoofs of the Eurospy genre.

It’s directed by Sergio’s younger brother Bruno Corbucci and Giovanni Grimaldi, who are both known for their comedy work.

Lando Buzzanca, who was in Fulci’s Operation St. Peter’s, stars in this as James Tont and he’s up against Goldsinger, with the help of Barbara Ray,  Agent SOS 112 (she’s played by Evi Marandi from Planet of the Vampires).

During the height of the Eurospy craze, so many Italian films used 007 that United Artists threatened the Italian film with a lawsuit. This movie wasn’t given a U.S. release, but did play American television as part of a package called “Continental European film” by RKO. However, United Artists and Danjaq prevented this movie from being shown.

How’s that for Bondmania?

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