Operation St. Peter’s (1967)

This movie was a Italian, French and West German co-production. It was released in France as Au Diable les Anges (To Hell With the Angels) and Germany as Die Abenteuer des Kardinal Braun (The Adventure of Cardinal Brown). It’s also an unofficial sequel to Operazione San Gennaro, a heist-comedy film that Dino Risi directed.

This one is directed by Lucio Fulci, not yet the Godfather of Gore.

Napoleon has big plans for being such a small-time crook. He’s accidentally released from prison by a villain named the Baron and his henchmen, who were on their way to rob a bank vault. Despite how well-dressed they are, they’re broke. Napoleon takes over the gang and they move to Rome, where they joing up with a used car selling gigolo named Cajella.

While the rest of the gang steals money from tourists, Cajella falls for a gangster’s moll named Samantha. Her man ends up being Joe Ventura (Edward G. Robinson!), a big league American gangster. They both get involved when the gang steals the Pieta, one of the most famous statues in the world.

As they say, all manner of shenanigans ensure. It’s interesting to see Fulci’s early comedies knowing the sheer insanity he had inside him and was ready to unlease   in a decade or so.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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