Johnny English Reborn (2011)

There have been three Johnny English movies, starting with the original in 2003, this film in 2011 and Johnny English Strikes Back in 2018. They all star Rowan Atkinson from Mr. Bean and Blackadder fame. None of these movies have achieved any form of critical fame, but they’ve been popular around the world due to their slapstick and silly humor. Consider them like a Leslie Nielsen comedy film but with a little more intelligence.

Johnny has lost his chance at knighthood and is studying to be a monk when his new boss Pamela Thornton (Gillian Anderson, who played a similar role in The Spy Who Dumped Me) brings him back.

Rosamund Pike plays Kate Sumner, a behavioural psychologist who brings back Johnny’s repressed memories, which leads him to remember the evil spy organization Vortex, led by MI7 turncoat Simon Ambrose (Dominick West). Actually, the whole movie is spent trying to determine who is on Johnny’s side, who is trying to kill the Queen and who is in Vortex.

Interestingly enough, Atkinson and Pike made their theatrical movie debuts in Bond films, with Atkinson appearing in the Sean Connery led Never Say Never Again and Pike in Die Another Day. That’s also the very same golf course from Goldfinger in this movie.

Johnny’s sidekick Agent Tucker is played by Daniel Kaluuya, who has gone on to some measure of fame from the movie Get Out.

This is a fun movie if you feel like shutting your mind off and making fun of the Eurospy genre.

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