Avenger X (1967)

Avenger X was based off the fumetti neri (black comics, a term for a more violent and criminal driven form of comics ) Mister X, which is about a gentleman thief. The character design may be a bit different than the comic, however, with a black color scheme missing the white and red from the printed version of X’s costume.

George Lamarro may look like a normal pharmaceutical CEO, but he’s really pushing hard drugs. His secretary tries to blackmail him for some of the profits — and a wedding ring — so he has her killed and sets up the master criminal known as Mister X (Pier Paolo Capponi, Seven Blood Stained OrchidsThe Cat O’Nine Tails).

The real Mister X is a master of golf, disguise and death. Trust me, he isn’t having a pretender take his name.

Eurospy queen Helga Line shows up here. Perhaps you’ve seen her in KriminalAgent 077: Mission Bloody MarySpecial Mission Lady Chaplin or Password: Kill Agent Gordon. She’s also in Nightmare CastleSo Sweet…So PerverseHave a Good Funeral, My Friend…Sartana Will PayMy Dear KillerHorror ExpressThe Vampires Night Orgy, Estimga and more. Gaia Germani from Hercules In the Haunted World is on hand as well as Timmy, X’s sidekick. She wears some great hats in this one. Seriously.

I have a weakness for these movies, even if this one isn’t as exciting as some of the others.

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