Agent 077: Mission Bloody Mary (1965)

This is the first of three Eurospy films that Ken Clark starred in as Dick Malloy, Agent 077. This time, he’s on a search and destroy mission to take back Bloody Mary, a portable nuclear weapon, from the Black Lily crime syndicate.

Eurospy movies unite more countries than a world war, let me tell you. This was an Italian, French and Spanish co-production with an American lead actor.

Helga Line (Horror ExpressSo Sweet…So Perverse) is in this, as is Maryse Guy Mitsouko (who would later be in Thunderball), Umberto Raho (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage), Andrea Scotti (The Fifth Cord) and Erika Blanc (The Night Evelyn Came Out of Her Grave).

It was directed by Sergio Grieco, who would also make the Eurospy films Agent 077: From the OrientPassword: Kill Agent GordonSpecial Mission Lady ChaplinArgoman the Fantastic Superman and The Tiffany Memorandum. 

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