Severin free movies to help

While you’re sitting home and watching TV during this time of panic, Severin has plenty of movies that are free to watch on Amazon Prime and Tubi. Here are a few that I’d suggest.

All the Colors of Giallo: A documentary about the films that are so inside my heart they stab it with a knife and choke it with black leather gloves. Want to start watching giallo and don’t know where to begin? This is it. Available on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Brain of Blood: When they ran out of Blood Island movies, they turned to Al Adamson for assistance. He came through with blood and brains galore. So recommended. Available on Amazon Prime.

Beast of Blood: Speaking of Blood Island…that green goup you’re supposed to drink before it will protect you from all of the babes, blood and beasts that this sinister atoll contains. Available on Amazon Prime.

Brides of Blood: Movies would never be so lunatic after Blood Island closed down. Dwarves with whips? That’s so Blood Island. Available on Amazon Prime.

Dark Waters: Lovecraftian nuns keeping a secret from humanity? Hey — whatever gets your mind off the horrors outside our door. Available on Amazon Prime.

Dead Kids: Yeah, that title may not be what you’re looking for right now. Call it Strange Behavior, it’s other title, instead. It’s great. Available on Amazon Prime.

Death Warmed Up: While you’re in Australia watching the previous movie, stay awhile and savor this punk rock piece of pure mayhem. Available on Amazon Prime.

Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau: This documentary makes sense of this lost movie and explains why Stanley is one of my heroes. Available on Amazon Prime.

Mad Doctor of Blood Island: All monsters should be this messed up. Pure joy that will get your mind off anything. Trust me. Available on Amazon Prime.

Robowar: Bruno Mattei. Claudio Fragrasso. Aliens. Predators. Robots. Reb Brown. Just watch it. Available on Amazon Prime.

Terror Is a Man: Blood Island starts here. Take a vacation from your couch. Available on Amazon Prime.

Things: I don’t know if I should even let you know this exists. If you have given up all hope, you may as well watch this. Available on Amazon Prime.

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