The Madness Within (2019)

Russ Washington (Hunter G. Williams, who is the auteur of this, writing, directed and starring in the film, which begins with an extended shot of him nude; he also broke his neck during filming which put the movie on hold for a year) is a successful businessman on top of the world. However, addiction, secrets and horrible relationships have sent him on a downward spiral that he may never recover from.

I’m trying to think of how much money Lily Tomlin was paid to be in this movie. There has to be some reason for it, because otherwise, her appearance in a film about two producers who do drugs and basically abuse women makes little to no sense. I’m still flabbergastered that she would watch, much less act in this movie.

I love cautionary Hollywood tales, because most of us watching them will never have to decide between falling in love with a prostitute with a heart of gold and making our next movie. No, I’m more concerned if whether or not I have enough in the bank to cover my quarterly business taxes.

If coke-fuelled Eyes Wide Shut sex and Pretty Woman style romance without the comedic edge is what you’re looking for, don’t let me stop you.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent to us by its PR company.

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