Houses of Hell: American Horror House (2012)

Three students strive to be initiated into a sorority on Halloween night. However, they soon realize that they must fight for their lives from ghosts that have invaded and the housemother that has embarked upon a killing spree.

Oh man — with a synopsis like that, is it any wonder that I picked this movie to watch first on the new Mill Creek Entertainment box set Houses of Hell?

Also known as Paranormal Iniiation, this movie originally played on the Syfy channel October 13, 2012. Morgan Fairchild stars as Miss Margot, the housemother who has decided to kill all of the sorority sisters to create her own ghostly family.

Director Darin Scott also was behind Tales from the Hood 2 and the amazingly titled Megachurch Murder. It was written by Anthony C. Ferrante, who would go on to direct all of the Sharknado movies.

While this never gets to the levels of slasher or paranormal mayhem that you want, you have to realize that it’s a made for cable 2000’s horror movie. Temper your expectations, shut your brain off and have some fun.

This is one of four movies on Mill Creek Entertainment’s Houses of Hell set. It’s an affordable way to get some scares that you may not have seen otherwise. Plus, you get a free code to save these movies digitally on Mill Creek’s MovieSPREE! site. For more information, check out their site.

This movie is also on Amazon Prime.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to us by Mill Creek Entertainment.

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