Star Wars Droppings: Os Trapalhoes na Guerra dos Planetas (1978)

Os Trapalhoes na Guerra dos Planetas is the thirteenth film of Los Trapalhoes, a Brazilian comedy troupe. You could translate it as The Bunglers in the War of the Planets or just call it Brazilian Star Wars. Either will do.

If you like jazzy music, dudes getting set on fire, hijinks and sped-up action, great news. These are not the droids you are looking for but this is the movie you are looking for.

Instead of Darth Vader, this movie features a bad guy named Zuco. Yes, Zuco. He looks enough like evil Anakin, I guess. Chewbacca didn’t fare much better, as his name is Bonzo and his voice is just him being recorded backward.

This is shot on videotape and blown up to 35mm, so it looks completely insane. It really looks like it came from another dimension. This is the kind of movie that I put on when I want people to leave my house in terror. So, you know, if you see me reach for one of my Os Trapalhoes DVDs, it just means that I am trying to get some sleep. The Force is not always strong in this one.

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