The Furnace (2019)

Newlyweds Mary and Matt are celebrating Christmas with her parents when he gives her a gift for their honeymoon – two tickets to Africa’s biggest race, The Furnace, which will take them across the biggest animal reserves in the world. Then, in the second it takes to kiss, a bus wipes out their truck and Matt dies.

A year later, Mary is grieving and using an oxygen tank to breathe. That’s when she meets Coffin, a man who was once a doctor in Africa that came to America after civil war destroyed his village.Now, he digs graves, and somehow is able to push Mary toward recovery and eventually being able to run again.

However, she still has the goal of running The Furnace. Is it possible?

Director Darrell Roodt is South Africa’s most prolific director, working with Patrick Swayze in Father Hood, James Earl Jones in Cry, the Beloved Country and Ice Cube in Dangerous Ground. He also directed Dracula 3000Sumuru and Sarafina!

You may recognize the actress who played Mary from I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu. She’s Jamie Bernadette and has appeared in plenty of smaller roles and indie movies like The 6th Friend.

I love getting movies to review, because there’s no way I would have watched this otherwise. It’s got a great message and really makes you consider how much you have going for yourself in life.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team.

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