The 6th Friend (2016)

Directed by producer and star Jamie Bernadette, who co-wrote the film with Letia Clouston, this supernatural slasher film is the story of six college best friends celebrating their own graduation party only to see it go to hell — literally — when an uninvited guest arrives. Five years later, the girls get together again, obviously having learned nothing, and endure an even more horrifying night.

Bernadette also appears in I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu, the fifth sequel to the original and the only one in continuity (it’s also the return of director Meir Zarchi and actress Camille Keaton). This movie is a personal project that she’s lived with for some time.

It all starts with a party that gets way out of hand as Tyler shows up with acid and a skull mask. A mysterious event happens, there’s plenty of blood and police questions, and when they get back together five years later, everyone mentions seeing Tyler, but has no idea how he’s still alive.

Dominique Swain from the remake of Lolita and Face/Off is in this, adding some star power playing, well, a star actress. Gradually, all hell breaks loose and the killer reveals himself in the woods, strangling and stabbing and murdering the kills one by one. It takes awhile to get there and it’s pretty talky, but once the killing starts, it’s good and bloody with plenty of twists and turns.

The 6th Friend will open theatrically January 11, 2019 via TheAsylum in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Sacramento, Austin and Seattle.

NOTE: We were sent this movie by its PR agency, but that didn’t impact our review.

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