Pumpkins (2018)

Maria Lee Metheringham writes, directs and acts in this tale of a murderous Pumpkin Man who kills anyone who steals his pumpkins. Yes, that’s pretty much the entire tale.

He’s born when an elderly man who loves to grow award-winning pumpkins finds his patch ruined and has a heart attack. As he dies, the glowing green syrum he feeds his pumpkins bonds him with his favorite plant.

By the middle point of the film, the pumpkins are even being controlled by the slasher villain. Everyone that was dumb enough to be in his woods pays for it with their lives.

This isn’t a movie that will reinvent slashes, but it’s fun. You can check it out on DVD and on demand from High Octane Pictures.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to us by the movie’s PR team.

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