Omega Cop (1990) and Karate Cop (1991)

The bolo tie-wearing Prescott (Adam West) runs a “Special Police” force in the year 1999 from a one-room set (that he never leaves) via a couple of Commodore 64s and some 60s-era blinking props to protect the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Southern California. Keeping Adam West company in the washed-up actor’s camp are Troy Donahue (the metal epic Shock ‘em Dead) and Stewart Whitman (Guyana: Cult of the Damned, Demonoid, and Bermuda Triangle). Helping out on the stunts and working as one of the “wasteland scavengers” is the always reliable and entertaining Sean P. Donahue (of the awesome Ground Rules).

And how did we get here, you ask? Well you’ll have to listen to West’s voice over narration (that he wrote himself!) at the beginning of the film as he educates you on the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, the rain forests, and the solar flares that plagued the world (“. . . half the world just didn’t give a shit. . . .”).

Anyway, when West catches wind of an illegal slave auction of women run by some “bad-ass” named Wraith (clad in a predictable Nazi SS uniform), he sends in the resident “Mad Max”: John Travis (Ron Marchini of the 1976 kung-fu classic and popular video rental, Death Machines). During the course of breaking up the slave ring — with his high-tech, multi-barrel shotgun — his team is killed: Travis is the last police officer on the force! So, with his high-tech ‘80s-era jeep, Travis takes the two surviving slave women to a utopia of clean air and water in Montana . . . and kicks some ass along the way. (Travis may have been double-crossed by Adam West, who really ran the slave ring . . . does it really matter?)

If you’re a post-apocalypse completest — or an Adam West fan that needs to slide a copy of Omega Cop next to Zombie Nightmare (with Jon-Mikl Thor!) and One Dark Night on your shelf — then this film is for you.

Say what you will about its production quality and shortcomings in catching some Mad Max-inspired post-apoc love, but Omega Cop isn’t boring and was popular enough on the video store circuit that Ron Marchini and writer Denny Grayson returned with a 1991 sequel: Karate Cop — costarring David Carradine (Future Force, Death Race 2000) in place of Adam West — which has something to do with people forced into gladiator-arenas by street-terrorist gangs. But get this: the director is sexploitation purveyor Alan Roberts of Young Lady Chatterley (1977) and The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood (1980). But don’t let his soft-porn presence deter your watch: as with any Marchini flick, Karate Cop is a fun watch.

Director Paul Kyriazi, who made his debut with the aforementioned Death Machines and vanished from the film world after Omega Cop, which served as his fifth and final film, has returned to the writing and director’s chair with the 2018 sci-fi movie, Forbidden Power. You can learn more about Kyriazi’s return and his new film courtesy of a favorable review at HorrorGeekLife.

You can watch the VHS rips of Omega Cop and Karate Cop on You Tube.

About the Author: You can read the music and film reviews of R.D Francis on Medium and learn more about his work on Facebook. He also writes for B&S Movies.

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