Home is Where the Hart Is (1994)

When Jonathan and Jennifer Hart attend the funeral of the newspaper publisher who helped Jennifer start her journalism career, they uncover some sinister secrets about her hometown of Kingman’s Ferry. Honestly, you can’t take them anywhere!

This film has Maureen O’Sullivan (she played Jane in the 1930’s Tarzan films), Alan Young from the original The Time Machine, Roddy McDowell (Peter Vincent from Fright Night and Caesar from Planet of the Apes amongst so many other roles), Mitchell Ryan (Dr. Wynn from Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers) and Charles Tyner (the founder of Hamburger University in Hamburger: The Motion Picture).

It was filmed in the very same area where Hitchcock shot The Birds. There are all manner of secrets to be found when Jennifer inherits the town where she grew up and no one is as they seem. I always wonder, who stays friends with the Harts? Everyone they know dies. Well, except for Max and Freeway Junior. They always seem to survive no matter what shenanigans happen.

You can get this movie — and seven others — as part of the new Mill Creek Hart to Hart Movies Are Murder Collection. If you’re nostalgic for the fun of old TV mysteries, it’s a must buy.

DISCLAIMER: This set was sent to us by Mill Creek, but that has no impact on our review.

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