Sins of the Mother (1991)

The bizarre relationship between an overbearing mother and her son, a convicted rapist? Sounds like a giallo, but it’s a 1990’s made for TV movie. That said, it’s based on a novel by Jack Olsen and also based on a true story.

Yes, Kevin Coe (Dale Midkiff, Pet Sematary) may be a horrible real estate agent, but he’s good at one thing: assaulting and murdering women. Maybe that’s two things. Regardless, he has to put up with the taunts of his socialite mother (Elizabeth Montgomery, BewitchedThe Legend of Lizzie Borden).

Now, his new girlfriend Ginny Perham is getting too close and she just might unravel all his secrets. Hey — Talia Balsam is in this, which makes me happy, as I always celebrate when her dad shows up in horror films. And Caroline Williams — Stretch from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 — shows up.

Not much else happens, sad to say. Maybe I was hoping for more of a trip into the psychosexual mind — I blame the trailer for Torso for that line — but got nothing.

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