Wild Horse Hank (1979)

Based on the Mel Ellis’ 1978 teen novel The Wild Horse Killers, this Canadian adventure allows Linda Blair to show off her skills with horses throughout.

Here, Linda plays Hank, a cowgirl who has been raised to independent by her father, Pace (Richard Crenna, who will forever be Colonel Trautman). When her prized stallion gets away from her, she finds some horse hunters herding mustangs to turn into pet food. She takes on the mission of rescuing these animals and getting them to the Rantan Game Preserve where they’ll be safe.

That journey — across 150 miles of desert, river, mountains and angry poachers — takes up the majority of the film, which finds Hank’s story winning over the locals and truckers who ride the roads like the cowboys of the past.

Being that this is a Canadian film, it has to star some Canadians. Michael Wincott fits the bill, which is a pun, as he’s probably best known as Top Dollar in The Crow. Honestly, he’s beyond incredible in that film.

This is perhaps the most normal film of Linda Blair week. In fact, your kids could watch it. It’s way ahead of it’s time by having a strong female hero who doesn’t need the man to save her and who wins by sheer force of her personality and unwillingness to back down.

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