Repossessed (1990)

Before he worked in films — supposedly — Bob Logan wrote material for comedians Joan Rivers, Sam Kinison, Garry Shandling, Rodney Dangerfield and Arsenio Hall. This is but one of three different projects that Logan worked on with Linda Blair, including Up Your Alley (her second project with “The Unknown Comic” Murray Langston) and the completely unhinged VHS tape How to Get Revenge. He also directed Meatballs 4, which teams Corey Feldman with Jack Nance. Yes, Jack Nance from Eraserhead.

Logan brought together Leslie Nielsen and Blair for this comedic retelling of The Exorcist that was a rental store staple. Seriously, when I announced Linda Blair week, people immediately asked if I was covering this.

Father Jebediah Mayii (Nielsen) — if you don’t think this movie is going to continually replay that pun, you have no idea what you’re in for — casted out the devil from Nancy Aglet (Blair) back in 1973. But now, after watching The Ernest and Fanny Miracle Hour (Ned Beatty and Lana Schwab), she’s got that demon inside her all over again, spraying her family with split pea soup.

Young priest Father Luke Brophy begs Mayii to help, but the elder priest won’t. The last exorcism nearly killed him, so instead the Supreme Council for Exorcism Granting decides that the rite will be given on live TV along with Ernest and Fanny.

Thus the hijinks ensue, including Mayii training with “Body By Jake” Jake Steinfeld as well as a little song, a little dance and a little bit of jokes about what’s in your pants, Mayii comes back to have a final battle with Satan, commented on by “Mean” Gene Okerlund and Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Look for Wally George, Jack LaLanne and even Variety columnist Army Archerd in cameos.

Will you like it? Here’s the level of comedy here: Blair plays Nancy in this movie and Reagan in the original. Nancy Reagan. Get it? It’s a fun reminder to me of being young and renting movies, particularly ones that never really played in theaters. If you’re of the same age as me, you’ll probably look at it more favorably than the younger generation.

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